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Students, Job Seekers or
Professional looking for new opportunities 

  • Choose a University that certifies and increase the reputation of your CV resume
  • Increase your chance of finding a job with a certified CV Reputation score
  • Show your CV Reputation score page to your boss, colleagues, manager, recruiter...
  • Counterfeit CV information is forbidden by the law and you may end up losing your job if you lied in your CV!

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A reputaction online service!
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Recruiters and HR Managers

  • More than 70% of CV resumes contain lies that hard and time consuming to find out
  • Recruting the wrong candidate can cost a lot of money and your boss does not want to pay for a candidate who has lied
  • "Diploma Mills" sell Master degrees for 500 dollars
  • Easily verify the CV reputation of your candidates with the reputation score of this CV online reputation score service
  • Avoid costly resume fraud!

Universities, Colleges and Business Schools

  • Students choose the Universities, Colleges and Business Schools that increase the reputation of their CV resume
  • Contact us at support@cv-reputation.com to easily add CV resume certification for your students
  • If you do not provide CV resume certification, you will lose students!
  • If we certify your degrees and diplomas, people who have not attended your university, college or school won't be able anymore to lie saying that they have obtained one of your degrees or diplomas

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